higher-dimensional-guidance-and-intuitive-healing-cottonwood-sedona-prescott-arizona-pic7Why can’t they understand me? All of us have been there our whole lives. Today we delve into the awakened world of being misunderstood, why it happens and how to accept why we aren’t when we believe it is necessary. To begin with, it happens because most can only see and hear from their perspective which comes from their experiences in life. Part of the human condition is we equate life from what we have experienced. No one has walked in our shoes and therefore can’t be expected to understand our perspective. We are all on our own journey and that is where perspective comes from. Unfortunately, we become blinded to not only truth, but it becomes a part of the limits we make for ourselves.

Many times though, we bring a message we feel is important to us, but it doesn’t get delivered. That is because we can’t give a message that’s not ready to be understood, meaning, we are all at different places on our journey and perhaps we’re not at a place to receive that message. With that understanding now we can make an internal change and see it from a different perspective. Since we can’t change many things we need to make a correction within ourselves, so we change our reaction/action. The correction we have just made helps us to step away from old beliefs and patterns, which is essential in our evolution.

Putting less energy into the need to being understood has now been shifted but to what do we focus on now? On my personal journey I have found it more meaningful to be given understanding and respect. Expecting from others is not a part of our awakened world but we can ask of them. To be understood is now replaced with “please have understanding” of my perspective and “please respect” my perspective. This will bring a balance to all involved, is not demanding, and takes away the element of being defensive in making our view point necessary, but not any less important.

Again, from my personal journey, respect from others goes a long way but it should never be expected, rather earned. When we are not demanding of others we find the respect follows. In asking for understanding, we allow others to perhaps see from a new perspective and allow them the opportunity to grow as well on their journey. Within our awakened world we see every day many chances to bring personal and spiritual growth bringing our evolution to new levels. Awareness is key to growth and evolution and we must remain vigilant in striving to better ourselves. Often, in many situations, all we need to do is step away from ourselves and observe, look at it from different angles, and see a clearer solution bringing change within. Our awakened world is all about personal and spiritual growth which will facilitate our evolution to our true selves. Please join us on our website for other articles meant to assist others on their awakened life.