Walk-In Soul Guidance

We are here to help you navigate the complicated, confusing life of being a Walk-in Soul (Walk-in Soul exchange). 

Coming from our own personal experience of being recent Walk-Ins, we are able to provide in-depth guidance to those experiencing the effects of a Walk-In Soul Exchange*, or having a Companion Spirit** walk in and join the natal Spirit (Soul Braiding).

You may experience amnesia regarding your higher dimensional/intergalactic memories and knowledge, or memory loss of the earthly memories of the walk-out, which can all be very confusing, and make it harder to know what has happened to you. Often the new Spirit is much larger than the walk-out Spirit, which can create a strenuous situation for the body, as so much more light is needing to integrate. It is possible that the cellular body is grieving the passing on of their natal Spirit, and resisting the coming in of the new Spirit, which creates a high level of internal conflict. For some, the integration of the new Spirit and the clearing out of the old is quick and abrupt, and for some it takes years. In most cases, the cellular memory and traumas of the walk-out have to be healed and cleared by the walk-in Spirit (which can take years) in order to be able to live their life and fulfill their purpose. Over time, then, the walk-in Spirit is able to embody themselves fully  within this new form and change the personality and mental, emotional, and physical attributes of the previous Soul.

Being able to communicate with our client’s Spirits, we may be able to shed a light on your situation, and assist in finding clarity as to what happened, how to heal the cellular memories of the walk-out/natal Spirit so that the new Spirit can fully enter the body, as well as address symptoms of this transition process.

We look forward to assisting you with your walk-in process.


Clarification of terms:

*A Walk-In Soul Exchange is an event that can happen at a point of near-death (NDE), accident, surgery, near-suicide, or traumatic event. The natal Spirit is done with this lifetime, and needs to leave. Instead of the body perishing, it is given to a new Spirit, the Walk-In Spirit, who prefers a second-hand body over going through a whole life from birth through childhood and maturing years. This process is always contracted with full consent, and never forced. Often the reason for taking this shortcut is that the Walk-In Soul has come to Earth on a particular mission that is time sensitive, and this arrangement serves that purpose. The Walk-In is usually here as a full incarnation of their Spirit. In this situation, one Spirit leaves completely, and another Spirit comes in fully.

**A Companion Spirit may join the natal/current Spirit in what is called Soul Braiding. Often an aspect, and not a full incarnation, of a more advanced Spirit walks in to help the natal Spirit with their spiritual development. This may happen only for a number of years, or for the rest of that lifetime. Both Spirits usually advance from this intertwining of their energies.

If you are interested in learning more about the Walk-In Soul Exchange, read our article, “Are You A Walk-in Soul?