higher-dimensional-guidance-and-intuitive-healing-cottonwood-sedona-prescott-arizona-pic11Living an awakened life is not easy. It’s complicated, confusing, and pretty much goes against everything we have ever been taught, thought, learned, or thought we knew. Having said that, the purpose of this article is meant to try and bring some degree of understanding. The only constant we know in life is everything can and will change including our truth. As our evolution continues in an upward and forward movement our truth must change with our evolution. Don’t have any attachment to what your truth is today because it will change and the trick is trying to keep up with all the changes we experience daily, hourly, and minute to minute. That is what evolution is, for without change there is no forward or upward movement and all becomes static and unmoved.

When we believe that something is absolute it means we believe there is no other idea, thought, belief, way, or insight that is better. When we read writings from “spiritual gurus” or “experts” their word is not and should not be taken as absolute. That is their truth not yours, although, it is a good starting and reference point. There are many good books and teachings that have been considered absolute and taken to be “religious” in nature. The bad thing is, we can’t move above and beyond what we see as absolute and there is no room for growth either spiritually or personally. If we don’t grow, we don’t evolve. There will always be, in the course of even cultural evolution, a new truth that will emerge that will shake the very foundation it was founded upon.

When we have no attachment to what we know we leave ourselves open to our own evolution, and therefore the evolution of mankind in general and as a whole. We must have awareness of our own personal and spiritual changes and when we have recognition we have acceptance or no acceptance. We always have a choice in any and every matter and we base our choice on our experiences and knowledge, but we must keep ourselves open. Every choice we make, our responses, actions, reactions, and emotions set in motion everything we experience next and it is necessary to come from a place of love before we make our final decision. Trusting and believing in ourselves enough to know we can and will make the best decision are essential to the rest of our lives.

Two words we must learn well on our awakened journey are awareness and trust and we need to become well acquainted with each for if we lack either, we are in fact, denying our own truth.