As the world energies become more toxic, many of us are having difficulties in knowing how to navigate our personal and spiritual journeys. If I may present a different perspective, please. Indeed, the energies being forced upon us are wearing on all of our mental and emotional bodies. This is nothing more than psychological warfare at its finest. How do we navigate the liars and fear mongers creating the toxic environment we all must live within? We rise above their intentional daily dose of BS by choosing to trust in the truth of our spiritual and Awakening journeys. The world is literally being torn apart by all of their attempts to control the masses by means of fear. The rifts and division lines will continue to widen as the shift grows.

The purpose of the shift is to once and for all, rid the world of the ugliness of patriarchal rule in place for thousands of years. With the Age of Aquarius fully upon us, the 3D has no other choice but to fight to keep the old, outdated methods of control to keep their power over the innocents who just want to live in peace. They, like us, honestly believe there is no other way to live any other kind of life. Both philosophies are fighting for their independence, as each feels the need to hold onto their beliefs and way of living. Personally, I look at the world and see absolutely no understanding of the fact that we can live in harmony without pushing our agendas.

If everyone is right, does it mean that no one is wrong? That is a loaded question, but one worthy of our time in finding answers. Divine Sovereignty tells us we all have the right to live as we choose, without persecution from those who don’t share common core beliefs. Suddenly, it has become acceptable to tell others how to live their lives under outdated draconian measures. This broken record represents a need of the minority to force the rest of us to their ancient and ineffective means of control. The rest of the world simply wants to live our lives as we choose, without being persecuted. I personally believe this belief is more than worthy of fighting for.

Those on a journey of the light must understand that we cannot choose this fight to become physical or violent. The old way is to use violence and fearful persuasion to accomplish this need. Our revolution is different in many ways than what is being shown to us. Our freedom is at stake, our way of life. If old beliefs prevail, freedom will be ripped from our hands. Or so many believe. Our revolution includes the etheric, not just the 3D. Our persecution has absolutely nothing to do with us, because we aren’t the ones fighting to maintain control. We remain steadfast in our core beliefs in silence, so to speak. This, by no means, leaves us powerless.

Historically, there has always been conflict within this dynamic of which I speak. Time and again the masses have risen up in response to draconian rule, with pretty much the same outcome with each conflict, just as we are and will continue to do. Our voice, our collective voice will always endure despite any effort to force us into oblivion. Many join our ranks daily with awareness of a better way for the whole of mankind. History has proven the old ways are not effective, and, once again, we will come together and prevail. This type of change is never easy, and, unfortunately this will become uglier as we come closer to the inevitable conflict on the horizon.

There is an event horizon coming and we are the main contributors. Each and every moment we spend focused on our journeys brings more understanding of the way of Light. Our very thoughts, words, and deeds are our contribution to the Collective Consciousness, and we must stay the course and be steadfast in our way of life. Don’t underestimate the importance of planting seeds for those seeing the truth above the lies threatening our freedoms for the first time. Your energy is incredibly important to the shift. Please don’t ever feel as if you’re not making a difference, because you are.

We need each other more than ever. United we stand, divided we fall. Reject any energy not in alignment with the Divine and your purpose. Nothing needs to be said. In fact, silence often speaks louder than any words. Use it wisely. We, becoming the many, need to live and lead by example. Those meant to follow will, the rest will continue in their way, just like us. It’s imperative that we don’t lose sight of the new way, the new day coming as promised. We will not see this come to its fruition in our lifetime, but we must carry on for the future we’re building. We owe it to ourselves and our offspring to learn to live from a state of love and learn to let go of our fears.

As a whole, the Collective will bring the changes this world desperately needs by making the changes within ourselves, one being at a time. Together we are making a difference whether we have awareness or not. It all comes down to the ability to trust and believe in ourselves and the Divine. Don’t give up… don’t ever give up. Stay strong, my friends. The future depends on us. Heal well, journey well.