higher-dimensional-guidance-and-intuitive-healing-awakening-cottonwood-sedona-prescott-arizona-articles-15bMany believe our planet to be inanimate, and do not realize that just like us, Mother Earth is a divine spirit who is consciously aware and has emotions. Just like us, her true essence is love. There are many parallels between the jump in awareness of human consciousness in recent years and that of our planet. These are times where every crime against humanity, and every form of abuse and oppression is coming to light and the perpetrators are being held accountable. The collective healing is progressing as the darkness is uncovered, and we are faced with the wounds of millennia of atrocities.

People are waking up every day, unable to continue living a sedated surface life over top of the pain. Many who were mistreated and abused are unable to take it anymore and are breaking out of their previous circumstances or family situations. The denial, mistaken loyalty, co-dependence and enabling is fading, and the reality of the misuse of power is undeniable. Those who were victims a moment ago are now finding their voice, strength and courage.

The Earth is waking up as well and unable to take any more damage and abuse. She has had all the destruction she can take and her survival is at stake. Her healing at all levels is crucial for humanity’s continuance. Just like many of us who have lived through traumas, she is no longer able to tolerate or ignore the constant injuries. And she is fighting back, trying to get our attention. The sudden enormous increase in floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters is in direct relation to her need to vent repressed energy and emotions and to desperately restore balance.

Mother Earth is fervently trying to heal just like many of us are, and rise to a higher frequency of consciousness. She has much Divine help as do we. Her ascension and our own are intrinsically interwoven, as are her life and ours. Think about it for a moment: not only is her surface our home, but she provides all of our nourishment, water and all materials we use. Our bodies are energetically linked to planetary cycles, as well as electromagnetic and atmospheric influences. She gives off energy that our bodies directly absorb and that gives us life. Without the right balance of temperatures, oxygen and sunlight we would instantly wither. She has so many ways in which she gives to us and keeps us alive.

And yet the disregard and disrespect for our beloved planet is incredibly widespread. This is not just the case with corrupt corporations and governments. Regular, friendly people are leaving cigarette butts, bottles and all kinds of trash behind after every nature visit and wouldn’t even know that they did anything wrong if prompted. They are passing on to the next generation how not to care, just as they were taught. Humanity is so used to using and exploiting everything for our own gain and pleasure that we feel offended when the “right” to take and abuse is questioned. Our own self-centeredness and unawareness is perpetuating devastating results for ourselves and the Earth. This goes for all of us – if we do not consciously break the old patterns and beliefs and heal and rise to a higher frequency, we will continue to live within the destructive ways and limitations that were projected onto us.

We have much to learn and to heal. The barbaric days are over and the dawn of a New Earth is at hand. This shift is happening whether we like or not. The old ways are crumbling to make room for the new. As within so without. We can best help Mother Earth, as well as humanity, with the ascension to higher consciousness by working on our own. In the midst of our own unconsciousness confusion, we must find our honesty and authenticity, and actually start living our lives in accordance with our own spirit. We must deal with our emotional traumas, our denial and anger. We must allow ourselves to heal, and to forgive, let go, and evolve. We must be the change that is needed. And it sure doesn’t hurt to give love to Mother Earth in all her struggles, and compassion and gratitude…