“Gary and Neha are two of the most loving souls I have ever met in my travels. Gary is a Master Healer with all the traits and wisdom of that responsibility. Neha is the essence of mother earth, she will cradle and love you. I reached out and was given them. I am forever changed. Peace and Love Always.”



“Extremely helpful guidance when most needed!”



“Neha and Gary are two beautiful Beings, their Light shines bright and their generosity is immeasurable, really very awake minds. So if you need to go through a healing process, clarity and much more in a loving and kind atmosphere, you’re in the right place. Gary and Neha thank you for your unconditional support.”



“Powerful session. Two of the most loving beings with great insight. Would recommend. Thanks guys !”



“The session with Neha was very helpful. I know because I felt buoyant and in flow for the rest of the day. It was really good to talk about the things coming up for me with someone who I know understands. It was also good to meet Gary. Besides being able to share my experience with someone who I know understands, and the resulting affirmation and energetic support, one of the biggest take always was her suggestion to bring self love practices into my daily life, not just meditation. I could really hear that and saw that I did not really give myself (or my selves) much love and appreciation. Now, I am already starting to do that.”



“Thank you both for the wonderful, heart opening session today! I cannot thank you both enough for the time, clarity, generosity, wisdom, and gentleness that you both provided for me. It was an absolute gift to talk with you. My heart/spirit is smiling and singing with relief and knowing. She thanks you both!”



“If I could gather something beautiful that had a light that sparkled like a star in hopes it could be shown in the form of two people-it would be Gary & Neha. Compassionate, loving, intuitive, and they went the extra mile. Which is what the world needs more of. Love of God and love of neighbor as themselves. Thank you both for your friendship and kindness.”



“Incredible souls with a deep mission to help those who feel called their way ? There are no two people I recommend more than Gary and Neha! Huge shifts experienced after working with them…”



“Gary has an uncanny ability to connect with and heal children of trauma. Releasing the demons, cutting the cords and offering them a future….free of the past. As the grandmother of two of these special children, I am forever grateful for the help and guidance he has given them. We are literally counting the days until he visits our state. Love, light, and much respect.”



“Gary is a gifted healer with a lot of compassion and it shows through his healing.”



“Gary has worked on me on many occasions. I used to have back and back issues, so we did a past life regression to find the root of the problem. Gary guided me to heal those past issues. Since that day, I no longer suffer with the pain I used to deal with daily. Also, he has helped me to reopen my third eye which was pretty much calcified over. Since our sessions, I am opening back up to seeing things as when I was a child. I cannot say enough about how gifted he is, his sessions are life changing for a much better quality of life. I highly recommend his services to EVERYONE!”