higher-dimensional-guidance-and-intuitive-healing-awakening-cottonwood-sedona-prescott-arizona-articles-18When the mind is in control, our life is fear based. If we are to evolve, we must break free from the stifling control of our mind and allow ourselves to live from the heart, in balance with our inner child and divine spirit.

The more we have been in survival as children, the more our minds usually have placed themselves in charge of the self, dictating our every move based on safety and protection. Like an overbearing, controlling mother, the mind has taken responsibility for all aspects of our life, and does not trust the other parts to fulfill their function. The mind is only a part of our three dimensional self, but it has convinced itself that it is the whole and that the other parts are not actively needed. This brings not only imbalance, but also keeps the heart, inner child, and spirit from partaking in our lives in the manner in which they are meant to for wholeness, mental and physical health, and happiness. Our life becomes incredibly limited, based on reliving the past and staying within the range of the familiar. Change is feared and seen as a threat, to be avoided at all cost. The unbalanced mind tries to control everything within and around it, and goes so far as using God as an errand-boy, and telling the universe what it should do for us, based on safety, comfort and what feels good.

We can never be free as long as the mind is controlling our life. And we are left guessing and stumbling in the dark, because the mind does not know how to truly give and receive love – which the heart does. It does not know how to play and be free – like the inner child does. And it doesn’t know how to access our divine wisdom and knowledge – as the spirit does.

When we deeply feel into it, the mind actually hates the position in which it has placed itself, in an earlier attempt to save the self after traumatic events. It feels overwhelmed and exhausted trying to keep all systems running smoothly and halfway balanced on its limited strength. It has a hard time admitting it, but it actually doesn’t know where it is going. It is not capable of that kind of guidance – which is naturally provided by the spirit, but not allowed to come into awareness. While the mind fights the point that it alone knows what is best, it also highly doubts itself and its ability to handle any situation. It is anxious, frustrated, angry and stressed, and the body tense, from putting on a facade that ‘everything is fine’, while trying to manage and plan life according to its limited viewpoint and capabilities, and from not trusting anyone or anything, not even itself.

If we allow ourselves to really tune in, we find that the mind actually meant well, and feels guilty for the usurpation in the name of survival. And after so many decades of training itself to be in command, it simply doesn’t know how to stop and how to let go of control. It firmly believes that if it were to let go of control, not only would our world be devoured by chaos, but also that everything it has tried to hide from us will come to light, which it will…. But we are not trying to rid ourselves of the mind, as it fears. We are in need of balance between the mind, heart, spirit, body, emotions, and inner child so that they can all do what is their’s to do, and not just have the mind run the show based on fear and guesswork.

Along with the rest of the self, the mind has repressed a lifetime of emotions, which provides a massive block that needs to be dealt with. We must allow ourselves to heal the abuse, traumas, neglect and abandonment of our childhood that placed us in a survival mode in the first place. This work takes time and cannot be rushed. It is what will heal our inner child, open our heart and grant us awareness of our divine spirit.

The mind needs our help in letting go of control. It needs our love and compassion, and gratitude for what it did for us in an attempt to help us survive our earlier years. It needs our help and firm support in dismantling its fears and leading it past them to a new openness. And it needs our guidance in allowing ourselves to go from survival to truly living – to living freely with spontaneity and trust. This can only happen if we embrace and nurture our inner child and allow her/him to be an active part of our life, and give our heart permission to love freely with discernment and passion, and to fully receive love as well as give it. We must allow our divine spirit, which is who we really are, to guide us and teach us, and remember what we knew before we came into this world, and what we came here to do.

Change your perspective and find your courage. Ask Mother & Father God for help. Your safety does not come from control. Trust and allow yourself to let go. Breathe deeply. Then do it again with compassion and love. Trust that you are okay if you are not in control. Breathe even deeper and let go some more. Don’t stop until you can feel your heart, your inner child and divine spirit, even if just a little. With patience and perseverance you will find your freedom…