higher-dimensional-guidance-and-intuitive-healing-cottonwood-sedona-prescott-arizona-pic4Welcome to our first article on parenting with gifted children. This is especially dear to me since I was a gifted child with parents who had no knowledge of a world that existed outside of their own.  Personally there was nothing more hurtful than not fitting in with the plan my parents had set in motion through the previous five children, and furthermore, no understanding or guidance that was necessary for my development being awakened from a very young age. I hope to shed some light from my own personal experience combined with a background in psychology to assist parents in guiding and understanding their gifted children into their awakened journey.

Ask yourself, what is the most important thing I can give my child outside of love, my time, affection, compassion, understanding, grace, and mercy. Spend some quality time within that thought, but first ask what did I need from my parents they didn’t give me? As a parent we need to be the parents we needed. Make a physical list if necessary, but at least be aware of how your life might have been better had you been shown ways to live your awakened life from a baby to now. Your children are special even if they aren’t gifted so we need to nurture them, show them how to believe in and trust themselves. There is no better way than by our example as we have so very much influence in their lives.

Take the time to really listen to your children, get to know them on that spirit level that makes them so special. Tune into what they aren’t saying. Watch their body language, their eyes as they speak or even play. Only through observation and listening do we truly begin to understand anything, especially another human BEing. We cannot live vicariously through our children and have them live the life we or our parents wanted as they have their own mind and ideas and they need to feel comfortable enough to explore their ideas and thoughts. They need to be imaginative and again, by our example, explore their imagination.

Many of the children born within the last ten years are either Indigo, Rainbow, or Crystalline or any combination but they are free, and need to be able to express themselves. Indigo children are especially troubled by not knowing how to express themselves because they don’t have that understanding, but with our helping them to believe in themselves they can express what they need. If your child is gifted, please, take the time to become familiar with the different types of gifted Beings, and it will surely help you understand them better and you may even get to understand yourselves better. Either way, you’ll be a better parent and person just having the knowledge to lead your child on their journey as they are already awakened. And when they start telling you how the world works, listen to them, but do not put them in charge. They still need to have those healthy boundaries we all need in life. I will be writing more articles on this subject and many more so please stop in frequently and hopefully we can help you heal yourself and help you evolve on your awakened journey.