higher-dimensional-guidance-and-intuitive-healing-inner-child-healing-cottonwood-sedona-prescott-arizona-pic46bTo look at the rising chaos and violence in the world without fear, is only possible if we understand the greater context of what is happening. The grim outer appearances are a part of the Universal shift that we are currently right in the middle of and that includes an evolution leap of humanity and the ascension of the celestial consciousness of Mother Earth. The patriarchal Piscean age has ended, and we have stepped into the Aquarian age – the age of the sacred feminine which is a time of the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies within each of us, and living from the heart, rather than the mind.

The old structures and patriarchal hierarchies are crumbling, and the war cries are the last straw of a dying culture that has brought our beloved planet to the brink of destruction. This outdated society has held greed, exploitation, control, exclusion, and deceit at its core, resulting in unimaginable atrocities against any Being seen as weaker. The resulting mindless culture of automatic trauma responses, immature acting out behavior, and a numbing sense of unworthiness, has perpetuated more of the same for many generations who passed on what was done to them.

Now, we have crossed the threshold into a new age. And a new, balanced culture is emerging and starting to flourish that focuses on awareness, personal growth, healing, love and compassion toward the self and all form of life, social equality, and community. But at the same time as those who have come here to bring the light are stepping into their own conscious evolution, power, and gifts, the old is freaking out and throwing the biggest temper tantrum that we have seen in the modern age.

Progress is their largest fear, and they mount armies to suppress it, but it is already too late. The narcissistic leaders of the world may try to fight the rising of gentleness and kindness with heavy artillery and threats of destruction, but they have no power to control the hearts of the people, nor their spiritual discoveries of themselves. And so, this is a time it all stands side by side – the old warring ways of dominating and oppressing out of the lust for power and self-glorification, and the new, heartfelt ways of living a life of self-realization and authenticity in tune with our own Spirit self, and Mother Earth. A simpler, more natural, and authentic lifestyle – closer to tribe and fire, in harmony with the Earth – will emerge from the ruins of the of the old.

We must allow this transition time, and not allow the threats by the “old guard” to deter us from our journey. As always, stand your ground and don’t let bullies get the best of you. Don’t let your heart become bitter because some people would rather act out than face themselves, whether on the global political stage or in your personal life. Find healthy boundaries to protect yourself and walk away from toxic people who try to pull you into their dysfunction, with no intention of changing their ways.

We are still in a time of the rising of awareness of what was not working in the old culture. And as such the cruelty, selfishness, and corruption has to be exposed and felt before it can be discarded and overcome by implementing the new. The principle of evolution works the same for our own personal healing journey. So, allow the breakdown of the old, and let it crumble to dust.

Allow the old patriarchal society and its global political and economic systems to collapse so that the New can emerge. Have patience. Trust that at this crucial juncture for humanity, we have not been suddenly abandoned by the Divine. Trust that there is a plan for this shift that is carefully guarded by the Divine Mother/Father and that there is much help from the higher dimensions to keep things from derailing in ways that are not meant to be.

Find your trust and release your fears. Don’t allow the screaming voices of the old world to drown out the quiet voice of the Divine within you. Stay the course. Focus on yourself and on your own spiritual growth and emotional healing – on your awakening. Find the safety that you are trying to find in the outer world by going within and nurturing the self. All the answers you seek are already within you. This is a different kind of revolution. We don’t need to go out and battle the old; it is on its way out anyway. Let it destroy itself. You are part of the New – a light bringer, way shower, star seed, earth angel… There are many who depend on you, including Mother Earth, to not let the hopelessness and depression about what’s going on in the outer world get a hold of you, now at this crucial time.

It is important to understand that there are many volunteers leaving our planet at this time. At a Spirit level they have been given a choice whether they want to remain on Earth or go elsewhere to heal and continue their soul journey. The pandemic and other global events have as such provided a quick way out for those wanting/needing to leave. By all means, grieve your loss of those who have left their form, but find acceptance for their soul journey and respect their choices. Trust that there is purpose, even when you cannot see it.

The more we can remain “above the battleground” and view all these events from a higher perspective, the better off we are going to be. As this shift unfolds, we must learn a lot of things on the spot, including how to live without attachments and expectations, to forgive ourselves and others for not knowing any better. To let people be who they are, to stop enabling, and making ourselves small. To trust the Divine, and our higher guidance and intuition implicitly. To lovingly parent and nurture ourselves, our inner child, wounded ego, and all consciousnesses within so completely that we find the strength and comfort we need within. So that we can allow the mess, the chaos, and the disruption of our comfort zone to push us forward on our personal evolution, rather than remaining bound to our fears of survival.

Trust yourself and trust the Divine. Embrace the unknown. All of this is unprecedented and new. That’s the point. This is a new age, and the most exciting time in history to be alive.