higher-dimensional-guidance-and-intuitive-healing-cottonwood-sedona-prescott-arizona-pic6Today we will enter the world of manifesting as we dig deeper into our awakened life. What do you truly desire? Is it money, a bigger house, new car, beautiful spouse, fame and fortune? Or do you desire something more meaningful to your awakened life? Perhaps we want something like peace of mind, understanding, knowledge, an easier life? Whatever it is you want, you have the ability to manifest it and create or co-create that within your life. It all starts with an intention, but there has to be follow through and willingness to do the inner work and it will be possible.

Using the Law of Attraction is just one way we can use, which is whatever we put out in thought, words, or action is what naturally comes back to us. This is Karma in effect and it is what we create, so we must take responsibility for our own actions, reactions, words, and thoughts. A very simple mantra for manifesting using The Law of Attraction is something I say to all my clients and really wraps up asking for abundance very simply. “I allow abundance to flow to me and through me with ease in every aspect of my life.” By not asking for specifics we give ourselves permission to accept abundance where we truly need it especially in aspects of our lives we may not normally think of.

Honestly, who doesn’t want a better life? Our 3D selves aren’t really aware of what is best for us most of the time so we need to give ourselves permission to receive what we need in our awakened life. Now we have a new awareness of our spirit who knows exactly what we need, so we must pay more attention to our Higher Self as we step out of our 3D self and into our awakening. The Earthly self may want material objects to make our life seem better, or as a reward for what we believe we deserve. This is not how the Universe works in our awakened world, but rather what we need to make ourselves better.

As we ask for abundance, we begin with seeing how we want our lives to be. Now that we have seen it in our mind we give it thought. When we think it, we are automatically sending it out to the universe so now we need to believe it is possible. By believing it, we now have the will to make it happen, and we do everything in our power to make it happen. Please understand, just because we want something doesn’t mean that’s what we will receive. The universe will send us what we need whether it is an experience, a lesson, or a blessing, that is what we will get. Now we give gratitude for our abundance, and the more we are thankful for, the more we receive. The saying “an attitude of gratitude” goes a very long way in what comes into our life. Give thanks, and you will have more to be thankful for.

As you can now begin to see, there is always inner work involved in our awakened life. The more awakened we become, we find more freedom in our life and that is essential to every spirit. Freedom, however, does not excuse us from taking responsibility for what we need to do within balancing our 3D and Higher Dimensional selves. Abundance is our birthright, but it is our responsibility to maintain our awakened life by doing what is necessary in fulfilling our Divine Purpose and that does require us to do the leg work. It is not enough to simply sit around with our hands out and expect the universe to give us what we want or others to do our bidding. Do the work necessary… the satisfaction of knowing you did all you could will bring deep meaning to your awakened life.