higher-dimensional-guidance-and-intuitive-healing-cottonwood-sedona-prescott-arizona-articles-4Welcome and thank you for joining me with another continuing article on “what it means to be awakened”. Today we will go deeper into the self becoming more aware to further our awakening. Honoring the self is most vital on our journey. Through this conscious pattern we are more aware of our own existence. I tell all of my clients four key elements necessary to further our awakening. Trust yourself, trust your journey, trust the Process, and trust God. When we put all of these together we are ready to surrender and allow life to come to us, giving up an inherent need to control our lives, therefore, living in the moment which is the true reality of all existence.

If we are in this moment, we find ourselves living from the heart and letting go of a fear based reality. Years ago I was visited by an incredible Light Being who told me I needed to learn to live my life from the heart in every aspect. That was a life changing event for me and how I began to discover the importance of feminine energy in being a balanced awakened man. I learned how to stop fighting for anything and just allow life to flow to me. It was hard to not be in control at first but I knew it was essential and pivotal to my journey. I trusted myself, my journey, the process, and God and allowed my story the freedom to be what it was meant to be.

We search most of our adult lives for the freedom our spirit cries out for and it takes courage to take the necessary steps. Many old beliefs, patterns, and thoughts must be overcome which can be problematic, but if we find our will, we find we also have stepped out of the box  we once existed within, and live without limit. Will is our determination, our drive with which we can achieve our desired goals. I have found in order to be balanced, this is where we can focus our ego, which is a part of psyche and necessary. Many spiritualists feel ego needs to be destroyed, but if we do, where then do we find the drive to succeed? It is much like our darkness which also must be within our balanced self.

Now that we have taken yet another step within ourselves, to be awakened, is to be in a state of knowing. We have to know we must trust ourselves, believe in ourselves, and know we can achieve so much more than what we have known. Be your true limitless self, give yourself permission to find the courage and strength to be the change you need. We might not be able to change the world by ourselves, but when enough of us change, we accomplish the event horizon needed for an awakened world. Thank-you for allowing me to share and please join us on our next article…