As we are consciously working on coming out a lifetime of living in survival mode, we are in the process of learning to trust ourselves and the Divine again, as part of building a new foundation for our life. Our daily practice has become to trust our instincts again, our gut feeling, and our intuition. We are learning, moment by moment, to listen more to our inner guidance, and consult our innermost being first, before taking the advice of others or that of our own woundedness. With time and practice it is so rewarding to feel our Spirit, guides, and angels point out to us when we are about to forget something, to hold our tongue when triggered, or to call a friend that keeps showing up in our thoughts. Our inner knowing and certainty increase the more we are able trust.

We can actually let our Spirit take the lead and enjoy the beautiful unfoldings in our lives, bypassing the victim mode when life gets hard, and embrace the opportunities to learn, heal, and grow. There is a sense of being safe and connected in this dance of alignment and communication with the higher dimensions and all aspects of our selves. We are able to observe the areas in our life where we don’t yet trust ourselves, where we feel small and say, “I can’t” just out of habit and past conditioning. We may habitually expect others to do for us what we need to learn to do for ourselves and could, indeed, do quite well if we just trusted ourselves. Our emotional and mental patterns may still be oriented on our outdated survival needs to hide, make ourselves small, and please others.

Yet we carry so much strength, love, and wisdom inside of us that we can truly accomplish so much more than we ever thought possible. It comes down to trusting ourselves, embracing our vulnerability, and stepping into a yet unknown power that lies within our divine Spirit. It is a life-long journey to change those old patterns and beliefs that have held us back for so long, and courageously stand tall and face the life that is ours to live – as it is meant to be – with implicit trust in ourselves and the Divine. This will bring more beauty into our lives than we could have ever envisioned, allowing us to feel safe, connected, and loved, once again. A child of light on the universal playgrounds of form, being watched over and guided by the loving care of the Divine… This is not a fantasy, but the unchanged reality underlying all our wounded and distorted perceptions. Forgive the Divine for the abandonment that you pinned on Them, and allow your new-found trust to carry you home to yourself…