higher-dimensional-guidance-and-intuitive-healing-inner-child-healing-cottonwood-sedona-prescott-arizona-pic32The reality of our current world is based on illusions created through time, consisting of the projections of societal leaders to ensure their control of the masses through means of fear. We are told what to believe, what is “acceptable normal” behavior, how we need to think, what we are taught, etc… Those of us on Awakening journeys have awareness and realization that we are indeed free and limitless BEings with a common purpose of bringing changes to these “societal norms” by bringing change within ourselves.

Our beliefs are of a Higher Order and not limited to common 3D constructs, with the understanding that we are not above or below anyone, but simply different than the majority of beliefs. We truly don’t fit into the “accepted normality” projected upon us all. Our refusal to give into their demands sets us apart and we are considered revolutionaries, outcasts, abnormal, and to many, just plain wrong in our beliefs and lifestyle. We also understand how they perceive us has nothing to do with us, and understand we must be true to ourselves and our unique journeys.

Many of us understand that in part, our Awakening journey is to walk away from the illusion, or as some refer to the “matrix”, and quite necessary for our evolution. We are the creators of our world, but there is much confusion as to the truth of this statement. “Spirituality”, according to what is spread by social media tells us the world is a reflection of what is currently going on within the self. This is “spiritual mythology”. We are co-creating our personal world, and yes, our personal world is a reflection of what we are currently enduring, not the world as a whole.

Although our 3D self exists within this outer world, our authentic self, our spirit, does not. It exists within us; therefore, our world is of the self, and that is the world we are co-creating through our response and reaction to our daily experiences. We do not have to accept the energy of the outer world as it has nothing to do with us, and we certainly do not have to respond or react to current outer worldly affairs.

The world we create needs to be loving, understanding, compassionate, and above all, authentic, connecting to our own inner Divinity, making our own world one we can be successful in. Our own success is measured in our actions and our words, not by our possessions upon our final days. When it comes down to it, and what is real, what do we carry with us when our time in this incarnation ends? What we are within is all we take with us and what is truly important on our Awakening journey.