higher-dimensional-guidance-and-intuitive-healing-inner-child-healing-cottonwood-sedona-prescott-arizona-pic27How do we stay heart-centered and open, and thrive during these challenging times? How do we calm ourselves, when we feel pulled into the storm and tossed about by fear like a leaf in the wind? How do we break the cycle of reactionary worrying and lack oriented thinking? How do we deal with our fear of change, and our terror regarding our own mortality?

Most people are not aware that they have fallen back into a familiar survival mode, whether it originated from traumas and abuse in childhood, adulthood, or other lifetimes, and that their thinking and behavior is clouded intensely by their fear of survival. The response is cellular and automatic, and is being acted out in a reactionary mode. Our perception and focus shrink to include only ourselves – our safety and comfort – and maybe a few people closest to us.

Once the survival mode has been triggered, we act from that bombed out place of fear, panic and deprivation that we tried to forget, deny and repress all these years. The cellular, neurological, chemical patterns were formed a long time ago, many of them transferred and projected by the generations before us, and they cannot leave or change unless we do the inner emotional work to heal them. Being triggered shows us what needs healing within ourselves, and as such it is a great opportunity to get to know the self at deeper levels by observing and accessing parts of ourselves that we usually hold in a tight control grip so that they do not rise to the surface.

The common advice to just breathe and relax does not touch the panic and terror that a few billion people are feeling right now and publicly displaying, and that we all have a strong tendency toward. Above all, we must learn to trust ourselves, our journey, and God again, and take it one day at a time – one moment at a time. Rather than trying to resist the fact that all of our lives have just changed, and will never be the same again, we must embrace and accept the new, even if what we are seeing right now is only a messy, and rather devastating transition period to the new life that is yet to come. When we resist change, we reinforce the fear. When we have acceptance, we suddenly have power again, and the brain fog clears.

The best way to come out of survival mode that I have found is to first have awareness that we are in a triggered, and as such, are in an altered state. Take time by yourself in a safe space, and allow the emotions to arise. Give yourself permission to feel the fear and anger, but do not act out from it. Don’t project it. Know that you are not going to be able to think straight until you have dealt with your emotional state. Be loving and compassionate with yourself. Be present and witness what arises. Give it space. Embrace it with love. Welcome it without judgment. Breathe through the pain and terror that arises. It is a part of yourself that needs acceptance and understanding from you. Give yourself the nurturing and parenting that you never had. Look around and see how safe you actually are right now in your current circumstances. Pour your love and acceptance of yourself into every cell of your body – every fiber of your being. Give yourself unconditional support.

We can never know what the future brings. Neither the past nor future are here right now. Our future fears usually paint a completely unrealistic worst-case-scenario fantasy that never comes to pass. Maybe our circumstances are not ideal, and not what we expected. Maybe we will lose our jobs, and have to make due for a while with less, but life will go on, and we will be okay. A simpler, more tribe and Earth connected life lies ahead for all those who embrace it… Many psychics and intuitives, and even prophets going back thousands of years, have seen this shift coming, though maybe not in the specifics in which it is playing out. Astrologers from all around the globe had predicted massive changes for this and coming years. The well-being of Mother Earth is at the heart of many changes.

Only when we have acceptance of what is, can we live in the present moment. We have always been just as mortal as we are right now. And we don’t know what life will bring for us. But in our fear, we exclude God from our perception, and how much we are loved and cared for by the Universe. Control doesn’t make you safe, it blocks the flow of life, and takes you out of the present moment, which is the only place where you can be connected with your intuition, and the wisdom and power of your Spirit. Trust that you will be provided for, and that you will be okay. Surrender your fears and agendas, your expectations and attachments.

As always, we cannot change someone else and their fearful or greedy, self-centered responses, but we can allow our own evolution, and we must. Our connection with each other via the Human Collective is strong, and the influence that we all have on each other through the Stream of Consciousness. When we do the inner emotional healing work and further our awakening, we are able to influence the Collective in ways that we never could while we are stuck in fear and resisting change. Allow – accept – trust – surrender. That is how we make a difference, and how we stay centered and open through these difficult times. And that is how we get ourselves back to the place from which we can truly help others who need our support, clarity of mind, compassion and brave heart during these times.