higher-dimensional-guidance-and-intuitive-healing-awakening-cottonwood-sedona-prescott-arizona-articlesOur awakened life is confusing, and difficult at best, but one of the most important and beautiful aspects of us. We must be loving and compassionate with ourselves as our authentic self is listening to our every word and thought, and the 3D self takes it all literally as truth. Stepping out of the limits and constructs projected onto us takes courage and strength so we must learn to trust and believe in ourselves. Emotional healing begins with allowing self love and compassion as we leave the comfort zone we have created and have limited ourselves to. We must allow ourselves to exist within our vulnerability which brings growth in our evolution. Breaking old patterns and beliefs as we heal emotionally begins with loving our inner child, as this is where the root of our programming begins.

Most of us will find our inner child has hidden deep within but we must allow them to come forward and begin their healing process. They will be afraid to face the traumas and fears they endured so we need to show them the world we exist in now. Show them the beauty around us. Talk with them and give them a place within where they have room to grow and be free and become an active part of us once again. They need to feel they belong again. Nurture them, and be the parent you needed as a child and slowly they will begin to allow themselves to reconnect with you. Always, give love and compassion to them, because now they are in a strange place and need to understand life is different now, and so are we.

They will have a strong reaction when triggered emotionally and may want to hide again and talking with them with grace, love, and reassurance will allow them to remain out and free. They will struggle at first as the memories come forth so we need to be understanding with them. Cry with them as they release the pain, and hold them close, again with grace, love, and compassion. Help them understand the need to let go of their pain and forgive those who brought us those pains. Do this every time the memories come.

They will feel the need to repeat old patterns and beliefs projected onto them. Being aware brings recognition and once recognition is established we can begin to change the thought process and walk away from those beliefs and patterns. Show them by your example how to accept the paradigm shift and a more correct way. Our inner child, even if they have been hidden for decades, is amazingly evolved and wanting to heal, ready to live the life they deserve and are worthy of. They hear every thought and word, and as children do, take it as truth, believing when we are shamed and made to feel guilty.

I read a quote from a “leader in the spiritual world” asking if we had met the monster inside of us. The paradigm shift now is to not look at ourselves with negativity, shame, or guilt. We’ve been through more than enough in our lives. Use discernment when reading the thoughts and ideas of others. If it doesn’t resonate on a higher vibration then please don’t allow the self to engage the energy and take it personally. Learning to live from the heart in every aspect of our lives will bring us to a higher vibration and push us forward more quickly on our evolution. Do something loving for yourself everyday, even if it is just to embrace your inner child.