higher-dimensional-guidance-and-intuitive-healing-cottonwood-sedona-prescott-arizona-pic3Freeing the inner child is part of awakening the Divine Feminine in both men and women. As part of the integral psyche of every human adult, an inner child is living inside all of us – whether we like it or not. The more painful our own upbringing has been, the greater the chances are that we have dissociated this inner child. And yet without their healing, participation and integration into our lives, we cannot be whole and truly move forward in our awakening.

A suppressed inner child can result in deep sadness and depression, or sabotaging and acting out. Another indication of an unacknowledged inner child may be reacting to adult situations with the black and white thinking of a child, getting triggered a lot, and even throwing tamper-tantrums. Not really feeling free and alive no matter what we do, may be another sign.

If you have not been consciously in touch and working with your inner child on a daily basis, it may be time to roll up your sleeves and start excavating. Remember to be very gentle. An inner child who has been shoved aside or hiding, is most likely feeling abandoned, unloved, does not trust easily, and may be quite frightened. You may need to cry as they move and shed layers. Depending on the level of traumas experienced in childhood, you may have multiple fragments of the inner child who split off at different ages and need to be slowly integrated. Ask Mother & Father God for help. Don’t force anything, just make contact with your inner child and signify your wanting to get to get to know him or her. Let them talk and just listen. Be gentle and loving. More than anything, they need your nurturing care, love and understanding.

Like with a physical child, it may be easier to get them to come out if you find out what they want and like. Take your inner child out for French fries or ice cream or go be in nature and feed the duckies. This will create a bond that will allow both of you to evolve. I suggest you do whatever it takes. But like with a physical child healthy boundaries are crucial to help them feel safe. Once the inner child feels loved and safe, they will likely respond to negotiations and work with you, so that you both get what you want and need.

You may notice, as you get closer and your inner child trusts you more that your imagination, creativity and freedom expand. You may discover your wild side, your humor and your freedom. You may start feeling alive again. Ask you inner child if he or she remembers God. You may be surprised at the answer and what the inner child can show you, and how they can help with your healing and contribute to so many aspects of your life.

Over time and with effort, your inner child can grow and mature, evolve with you, and be integrated such that your interactions become a beautiful, harmonious dance within yourself that leads you to greater heights of freedom and living your true potential.