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We are giving away a paperback copy of Gary’s book: “An Awakening Perspective – My Journey to Conscious Evolution”

From the back cover: “A defining text of what the Awakening Process truly is, by learning how to trust and believe in yourself on an unimaginable level, while knowing how to live every aspect of your life from the heart…

Stop imagining a better life. Choose to make it happen. I share with you how I overcame death and a stroke that left me paralyzed, unable to speak, with permanent brain damage and unsurmountable odds. This is my story of hope and how I learned to heal emotionally and physically, while finding my authentic self. With determination and dedication to my Awakening journey, I now thrive in a heart-based existence, enjoying the freedoms outside of my former 3D limitations. Learn to be your limitless self as I share my adventures of self-mastery and realizing my untapped potentials. What have you got to lose?

Change your perception change your life. I invite you on adventures of my personal Awakening and life experiences, not because I am an expert, but because my story is real. I live the very words I have brought to you, not as a concept, but a way of life. I am compelled to share my journey of conscious evolution, not to bring light to me as a person, but to help bring understanding to our Awakening journey and how I learned processes that can heal each and every one of us as I have. The way I see it, if I can do all of this, anyone can.

Gary brings a unique perspective through his own deep healing experiences and higher dimensional wisdom. Coming from an ancient druidic lineage of gifted healers, he is able to see into the body, mind, and spirit, acting as a conduit between the higher self and the 3D self. With compassion and grace, he is able to help his readers face themselves, finding their strength and courage within to make the life changes they need to evolve.”


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