higher-dimensional-guidance-and-intuitive-healing-suicide-dark-night-of-the-soul-shadow-work-mental-health-emotional-healing-pic56As we are closing out this tumultuous year, it is easy to feel that we were dealt more than our share of suffering, begrudging what we went through. Many on a spiritual journey deluded ourselves into believing we had found a way to keep ourselves above our own darkness and that of the world, allowing only the bright feel-good stuff into our lives. Spiritual fads had taught us to only think the right thoughts and all our desires would ‘magically’ appear in manifested form right in front of us. If anything, these last years have taught us that we are not in control, and that just because we want something doesn’t mean that it is meant for us as per the Universal plan and our soul contracts.

We have had to learn to go within, and find the strength and courage to face our hardships and heartbreaks. Dealing with overwhelming emotions and the emergence of our unhealed past traumas, we have had no choice but to face ourselves, and develop compassion and acceptance of ourselves. For many, the current energetic and emotional intensity is baffling, and we feel lost within it. The relative peace we had preciously found in our lives has been swept away by tidal waves of change and uncertainty.

And yet, the hardships we have experienced are opening our hearts and awakening us out of a deep slumber. As we gain awareness, we realize that we have choices. We didn’t even realize how numb we actually still were from traumas that happened long ago, and how engrossed in survival mode. How control-based our lives really were, despite doing all the ‘right’ spiritual stuff from meditating to giving gratitude, journaling, and self-care. This year has definitely brought us to an unprecedented depth within ourselves.

As the frequency of Mother Earth keeps steadily increasing during this Universal shift, we are forced to face our own darkness and evolve. Deferring, blaming, projecting, and making someone else accountable and miserable is simply not an option. We have to own what is ours. There is a lot of essential learning and growing that we previously avoided by being distracted and focused on the outer world. Now we are forced to catch up in a hurry, develop healthy boundaries and internal healing tools, and build a new foundation for living. We are unbecoming all that we are not, undoing eons of demeaning projections onto us and senseless societal conditioning.

As we discover our authenticity and stop being a people pleaser, many of our relationships are shifting, and the previous resonance is no longer there. We have to be true to ourselves and our journey, and trust implicitly. For many of us, our psychic gifts are suddenly coming ‘online’. Through our heart opening, our divine spirit is finally able to come forward and be an active part of our lives. We may be able to access wisdom from past lives, or have flashes of higher dimensional knowledge that was not previously accessible to us. We may be feeling and hearing our guides, angels, or ancestors. Our connection with the consciousness of our planet, the animals, and elemental spirit worlds may be stronger than ever. This is all as it is meant to be, as we are shifting into a higher frequency.

More than anything, we must learn to trust ourselves, our journey, and the Divine. We have more loving help than we can possibly imagine. Even though our journey is not going forward on a neat, straight line as we expected, and we may feel all over the place with no clue as to where we are going, there is also an excitement in the air. As we are learning to go with the flow, we may find that not being cemented in a status quo of our own making has us actually feeling new and alive. There is magic in the unknown… Our newfound rawness and vulnerability is scaring us less, as we are getting more used to it and learning to embrace our ongoing metamorphosis.

Here’s to an amazing 2024, where we will probably lose most of our previous references. Much of what is familiar may crumble this coming year, but as long as we are able to keep building our new relationship with ourselves, and hold ourselves and each other in love and compassion, we are going to be okay. We are being given unprecedented opportunities to heal, grow, and evolve. And from all of us doing the inner work, facing our own darkness, creating a balance within, and learning to live from the heart, a new world is being born – a world that has room for all of us in our sparkling, messy, quirky human and divine authenticity.

As Leonard Cohen said, “Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack, a crack, in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”