higher-dimensional-guidance-intuitive-awakeing-spiritual-emotional-healing-mortality-beyond-the-veil-lightbody-pic54bI look forward to the day when I have taken my last earthly breath, and my ancestors greet me beyond the veil. When I slip back into my light body and return to the freedom of uninhibited authenticity, and when I can feel my wings again and push them up in ecstasy against the space below. When the tender love of the All embraces my soul and welcomes me back after this tiresome journey into form. When I celebrate, together with my dearest kin, my rebirth back into the familiar realms of pure light.

I am nowhere near being done with this earthly life, I know. It is not that I yearn for death or to be released before my time. It is not that at all. I am afraid of many things in this world, but returning home to my organic state beyond the veil is not one of them. My mortality does not frighten me. This I embrace. And with passion do I live my journey on this green planet, for as long as it lasts.

You see, having form is essential for the higher self so we can heal and evolve. Being here in the flesh provides a chance to heal what we can not in the etheric realms. It allows us to transmute burdens that our soul has carried for eons. And it allows us to bring light and hope to this troubled civilization and assist our beloved Mother Earth. The inner work we do, the messy emotional healing, helps all of humanity evolve and reverberates throughout our Universe, adding experiences to the collective consciousness for the benefit of the All. The contributions that our healing brings are unlimited – as we are in our essence. It is not necessary to identify with our bodies when we are in truth vast and an integral part of the Divine.

So, use your allotted time here wisely and do what you came here to do, fulfilling your soul contracts to the very best of your ability, given the relative amnesia that overlay our hearts. Don’t let yourself be distracted by glittering material objects and social hierarchies. They are a part of an illusion that mankind has gotten trapped within in their need for power and gratification. Embrace a simple life and live it truthfully – with one foot firmly planted on the Earth and the other in the light filled etheric realms of your true nature.

And most of all, don’t take yourself so seriously. This journey will not last. You are here only for a moment until you are not. Laugh, sing, and dance, cry your tears, paint your sorrow, build a garden of hope in your front yard. Express yourself in ways that resonate with your deepest being, and don’t let other people tell you who you ought to be. They don’t know, nor is how you live your life any of their business. Live your life boldly, with wild abandon to your soul, trusting your own marrow. This is your Divine Sovereignty. In the end it matters not if you arranged everything in your life perfectly the way you wanted it, or how much approval you received from those around you. Your personal evolution and the love in your heart are the only currency that carries over to the higher dimensions. All the rest, the small stuff, fades away as your lifetime comes to a close. May this perspective bring you ease and breath, and the allowance of your morality. It’s not a bad thing, I promise.