higher-dimensional-guidance-and-intuitive-healing-cottonwood-sedona-prescott-arizona-pic2What is meant by “to be awakened”? There are many aspects to the meaning so this is basically an introduction to what will be an ongoing discussion for Neha and myself. To be awakened is a process that starts with being consciously aware of the self and your immediate environment. One begins to feel what we know is no longer acceptable and we begin our search for truth. We have a new understanding there is more to life than what we know and start to question everything. We question our existence, what we have been taught by society, religion, family, friends, and what we perceive as truth.

One feels out of place as if we are somewhere we don’t belong, and life becomes uncomfortable. This is truly awesome because within this ill ease we will grow spiritually and personally. To be awakened is knowing there is no box to reside within and therefore no limitations to our life, that there are endless possibilities. There comes a need to begin to let things go that no longer serve our highest good and we embrace our need to shift from what we believe to a higher consciousness. The search for truth will take us to outside resources, but one must know everything we need is already within us.

For one to find their own truth one must look within, learn to trust the self, and remember what we already know. We have spent many lifetimes evolving to our current state of Being, but unfortunately when we came into this existence it was with amnesia and spend the rest of our life trying to just remember what we already know. Reading posts on social media, reading books, and listening to others will bring a place to start to remember, but unfortunately when we “study” what others have written we tend to lose our own identity and take on their truth and not our own.

We can use others as a reference but it is imperative on our awakened journey to go within ourselves to find our truth. Once awakened one is in a state of constant change and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the changes, but very important. This is the conscious awareness I spoke of earlier. Our truth will change daily as we evolve and we need to allow ourselves to exist within these changes. Please stay tuned for more installments on the continuing discussion of “awakening”.