higher-dimensional-guidance-and-intuitive-healing-awakening-cottonwood-sedona-prescott-arizona-articleWalk-in spirit or walk-in soul is a term for a spirit who, with consent, takes over the body and life of someone whose time has come to leave the body, and to pass from this world. The original spirit that had inhabited the body since birth is then no longer associated with the body, mind and heart, but the new spirit has taken over the life of this person. These soul exchanges are contracted, and are never forced. Many of these spirit switches are made when the original owner of the body, the walk-out, has a near death experience, severe illness, operation, accident, traumatic experience, or has been suicidal, thus providing an easy opening for this occurrence.

Often the body is almost instantly healed as soon the soul exchange has been made, and the walk-in is able to just get up and leave the hospital. In many cases the person doesn’t know right away that they are a walk-in because they seamlessly take over the life and personality of the walk-out, and have all of the memories, skills and talents of the original inhabitant of the body. And yet the character of the new soul shines through the body such that facial features, posture and speech, as well as their way of thinking and expressing themselves are clearly different.

At this time there are many spirits who have recently walked in…, and who have come here to help humanity and Mother Earth with the shift to a higher frequency and higher consciousness. Most walk-ins are highly evolved souls that have come with a very specific mission, and are highly gifted healers, intuitive counselors and teachers.

How do you recognize if you are a walk-in? Did your life from one day to the next drastically change after a near death experience or traumatic event? Did your likes and tastes in food, clothing, colors, activities, and interests suddenly change? Did your behaviors or lifestyle change so drastically that the people near you got confused? Did you unexpectedly get a divorce or broke up with your partner because they were suddenly unfamiliar and strange to you? Have you wondered whether you have suddenly developed a multiple personality disorder because it feels that you are switching back and forth between different personalities? You could be a walk-in…. Use your intuition. If you are a walk-in spirit, you have the knowledge within you that it is so, even if you do not have awareness right away. Your reading this article may be associated with an intense curiosity and a gut feeling that this is applies to you.

So what do you do if you know or at least suspect that you are a walk-in? First of all give yourself love and compassion for the confusion and difficulties that you are inevitably going through. While being a walk-in and taking over the body of someone who didn’t need it anymore is generally a lot easier than being born into a body, growing up in a family, going through high school, and maturing in years through the trials and errors of life, it has its own set of challenges and difficulties.

In order for the spirit of the walk-in to be able to fully come into the body, first there has to be made room. Often the spirit of the walk-in is a much bigger and brighter than the spirit of walk-out, and the body is used to a certain frequency, and will struggle as the level of energy and light increases. The traumas and cellular memories of the walk-out are still stored in the body and need to be healed as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. Without doing the healing work, the walk-in soul will not be able to fully come into the body and fulfill its mission because there is not enough space for it to come in, and the old patterns and habits of the former inhabitant will continue to assert themselves. It is crucial that the traumas, survival mechanisms, defenses, fears and wounds of the walk-out be healed and let go of, and not just adopted and carried forth. Awareness is key to making the changes.

The remaining personality parts of the walk-out, the cellular consciousness and the mind, need a lot of love and nurturing because to them, the person they were identified with since birth has just die and left them and they have to adjust to a completely new soul. Since the walk-in soul is often from the higher dimensions, they are in an excellent position to and help the cellular parts through the adjustment period of grieving and feeling the loss of the former spirit and previous personality.

I speak from deep personal experience, as I am a recent walk-in who has come to Earth at this time to be of assistance with the shift and help usher in a new frequency and awareness. My husband Gary, who is also a walk-in, and I will continue writing about this topic. If you know or suspect that you are a walk-in and need personal assistance, please contact us.