higher-dimensional-guidance-and-intuitive-healing-inner-child-healing-cottonwood-sedona-prescott-arizona-picMany gifted children and adult light workers have been misdiagnosed with ADHD. I am speaking from personal experience… We are the Indigos, Rainbow and Crystal children, who came to Earth to bring change and usher in a new age for humanity. Often due to our higher dimensional nature, our brains are wired differently, and are working at high speeds, taking in a much larger amount of information per second than the average person. Gifted people not only process information delivered by the five senses within the 3rd dimension, but also hear and see things that others are not aware of and are unable to see or feel.

While the average person walking down the street may only be aware of their own body, the people walking ahead of them, the cars on the road next to them, and selective storefronts, the gifted ones have awareness, not only of the immediate surroundings, the airplane above, the woman across the street who dropped her groceries, the slamming of a car door hundreds of feet away, and dogs barking in the distance, but also of the emotions of the people that are passing by, the historic energy of the place they are in, and much more.

They get easily overwhelmed because they are are in tune with everything in their environment, and are dealing with a constant information overload that is unimaginable to the average person. The diagnosis of “Attention Deficit” is completely backwards, since the issue can better be described as “hyper attention” or “super awareness”. Their DNA is different, and their brains and nervous system are wired differently. They are not slower than others, but usually so much faster and ahead of other people’s mental processes that they get bored waiting for others to catch up. As they are processing all of this information, others perceive them as being slow-minded and of lesser intelligence.

What is often labeled as day-dreaming is usually a connection with other dimensions, a communing with their spirit guides, angels, deceased ancestors or Mother/Father God. Many of the Indigo, Rainbow and Crystal children, are highly psychic and able to communicate telepathically with people, the etheric realm, animals, plants and rocks.

Because their bodies are carrying a higher amount of light and physical energy, Indigo, Rainbow and Crystal children are often labeled as “hyperactive”. They are often restless and fidgety due to a highly active nervous system.

For some, growing up in violent, dysfunctional homes or experiencing traumatic events, other deep mental and emotional issues developed. When dissociating traumatic memories and emotions, and trying to deal with the fragmenting of the self, as is often the case during traumatic events, the behavioral effects of the developed coping/survival mechanisms can look similar to some of the symptoms of ADHD.

The ADHD label came about in the early 1900s, when children were to be seen, but not heard, to sit still, and not have a mind of their own. It was popularized as a diagnosis of “mental disorder” in the late 1960’s, and has ever since been used as a societal control placed upon generations of children and adults to mute the brightest, most extraordinary minds. Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci and Mozart are said to have had ADHD…

The human tragedy is not only in drugging our light-bringer children, numbing and dimming them, but also in the diagnosis itself. To be misdiagnosed with an incurable mental disorder, to be labeled stupid, and to be forced into behavioral corrections – that are not applicable to the child – by schools, parents and therapists is an incredibly destructive act, despite good intentions. Any self-worth and trust in themselves gets completely undermined. They feel utterly misunderstood by every adult in their lives, and have no choice but to isolate and withdraw into themselves. If you are an adult who has been diagnosed with ADHD your inner child inevitably feels misunderstood, abandoned and unworthy all the same.

The best we can do for our gifted children is to let them develop naturally, and give them encouragement for being different. Rather than telling them who they are, we must listen to them, and find out how they see the world, and let them tell us what is going on inside of them. Ask them what their struggles are. They usually do not know how to express themselves and what they are feeling, thinking and experiencing. Have them find ways to express through music, painting or games. They have so much going on that they need loving guidance on how to cope with being overwhelmed, how to focus and prioritize when needed, what to do with excessive physical energy, and how to express their needs. They need healthy, loving boundaries and support. And they need acceptance, understanding and compassion just as much as we do. Allow them to be children of a higher calling that are different from societal ideals of the “perfectly molded child”.

Allow them to be free, and grow up in an environment that nurtures them in all their uniqueness. Let them be your teacher, and show you how to heal and embrace your own freedom. Many of these gifted children have come to Earth with a high mission, and are in touch with their own higher dimensional knowledge and wisdom. Some of them don’t have amnesia, as is normal for humans from the time of birth, and their intuitive abilities and empathic healing powers are off the charts. Guide them to believe in themselves. Accept them for the high-spirited little geniuses they are. Be the parent you needed when you were a child, and allow them to become who they are meant to be.