About Us

We are both intuitives and spiritual advisors, gifted in many ways. Through our writings and presentations, we provide a unique personal perspective and experience of emotional healing, energy healing, spiritual growth, and empowerment.

We have both spent innumerable days and nights healing our own emotional, mental, and physical wounds, getting to know our light and our darkness, and the different aspects of our selves at the deepest levels. Being on a personal journey of self-mastery, we have both become intimately connected with our Divine origins, continually remembering more of our higher dimensional wisdom and inherent gifts. The journey unfolds for each of us on a daily basis, going deeper within, processing and healing all that presents itself, transmuting lifetimes of experiences within the realms of duality. Both of us are dedicated with every fiber of our being to serving the Divine Mother & Father as we are being directed on a moment-to-moment basis.

Neha has found within herself the ability to face and heal the deepest traumas, and developed internal tools that continue to help her overcome engrained patterns and self-destructive beliefs – one day at a time. In her essence, she represents the rising of the sacred Feminine and a new yet ancient way of healing. She is a writer, website and graphic designer, and passionate crystal lover. She has a strong connection with the Divine Mother and Mother Earth. Her energy and approach are nurturing, gentle, compassionate, loving, and restorative. Being highly intuitive, she is able to provide the space for others to meet themselves and their past with compassion, love, and acceptance.

Gary brings a unique perspective through his own deep healing experiences and higher dimensional wisdom. He is a writer, author of: “An Awakening Perspective – My Journey to Conscious Evolution”, and also a woodworker and crystal lover, whose humor can lighten any mood. Gary lives what he writes, not as a concept, but as a way of life. He has learned to live from the heart and internally balance his masculine and feminine energies. Coming from an ancient druidic lineage of gifted healers, he is able to see into the spirit, mind, and body, and act as a bridge between the higher self and the 3D self. With grace and compassion, he is able to help others face themselves, and find the strength and courage within to make the life changes they desire.

We live in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Hendersonville, NC (greater Asheville area), and are available for workshops, classes in the area.

With much love & immense gratitude,